Mindfulness to Support Your Child's Growth and Resilience

We love our children. We want them to be happy, healthy and achieve their fullest potential. As parents, we try to make the right decisions for our kids and when we make mistakes, they are usually with the best of intentions.

Happily, as an educator over the last couple of decades, I have seen parents become evermore involved and invested in their kids’ lives. I have seen parents develop beautiful friendships with their children. (Something that was not really “the norm” when I was growing up.) I have also seen parents run ragged by work lives and hectic schedules, with the desire (and sometimes pressure) to keep their children active and enriched in programmed, after school activities.

I have seen technology affect the way children learn, the way families communicate with one another, and the way they spend time with each other. In our precarious world, I have seen parents instinctively want to shelter their...

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