Hooking Them In

mindfulness teens Nov 12, 2019

The younger we start mindfulness exercises with our kids, the easier it is to do.

It becomes a very normalized part of their day. Little ones love to show how still and quiet they can be, putting their "mindful bodies" on and using "mindful ears" or "mindful eyes". Getting these kids "hooked in" is relatively easy, particularly with all the fun breathing techniques available to us.

We can do "elevator breathing", "balloon breathing", "waterfall breathing", "snowflake breathing" and "5 finger breathing", just to name a few. Scaffolding their inner awareness can, therefore, be very organic and natural as they grow and mature. 

On the other hand, starting with older kids (around grade 5 and up) can be a little more challenging. They tend to be self-conscious and may perceive mindfulness as embarrassing... their self-images being so fragile at this age. Getting tweens and teens engaged enough to put themselves in the vulnerable position of closing their eyes and doing deep...

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